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Meet the Owner and Trainer of Pleasant Run Carol Tollini


Carol Tollini is gifted with the ability to train and communicate with roomfuls of dogs or one at a time.

From Shepherds to Shih tzus these now well-behaved canines have each been schooled with classes from Puppy Kindergarten to Advanced Obedience..she offers a wide range of education from Beginner to Advanced.


Carol builds canine confidence! The transformations of pets and their relationships with owners is simply incredible.

Her blessed gift - an ability to understand how people can positively interact with animals... is actually high degree of communication... and it always came naturally to her!  Even as a child stray dogs in the neighborhood or schoolground would follow her home. But her unique connection to canines became most noticeable when she began training an abandoned puppy her daughter brought home. This small pup led Carol to dog obedience training classes 35 years ago. Carol embraced her gift whole-heartedly, she soon realized though, that she was searching for something more extensive than teaching dogs basic commands. After years of training and competing in Obedience trials she began to instruct classes. Everywhere Carol went, there always seemed to be a circle of dogs and people surrounding her..eager to learn.


Carol's understanding of dog behavior as well as her champion skills as a handler prove her philosophies and methods.
Her keen eye is constantly reading both dog and owner and unlocking how the two can communicate with each other. With consistency, the dog knows exactly what you are communicating. Carol believes "that you only need to give a command once", and success for dog and owner rely on POSITIVE reinforcement.

Carol says "Positive Reinforcement" makes training easy for you and your dog."



Small steps are taken one at a time. Often people want to begin Agility, but haven't mastered the basics like an effective sit- stay which can last up to a motionless minute. After suceeding in Basic Obedience your dog moves on to greater challenges and both owner and dog work together as one..they enter Agility.


With her techniques and training of dog AND owner she teaches you HOW to be successful. Carol passionately teaches dog obedience, training seminars as well as competing and winning Titles in Canine Good Citizen, AKC Obedience,Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent, as well as Certifying Therapy Dogs.


It is through her own observation, awareness, and first hand experience that Carol has developed a firm yet loving style.

Carol's teaching clearly keeps dogs focused, calm, and willing to learn, eager to please....and what's even more exciting ...IT'S FUN.


Carol Tollini believes she is very fortunate to have a business that she loves and is blessed to be able to enjoy the companionship of dogs as part of her daily life.


Carol welcomes everyone and looks forward to seeing you at Pleasant Run.

Carol Tollini dog trainer Pleasant Run Dog

“Kind and compassionate training that changed my shelter dogs life"  ​

Kim, Scruffy's owner


“I cannot believe the difference in my dogs attitude and responsiveness. Carol has opened a new door of communication for us"  ​

Julie, Bentley's owner


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