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Dog grooming is one of your pets basic needs and an important part of dog ownership. Just like people, dogs need physical maintenance to look and feel their best. Our wonderful groomer has over 12 years experience and will make grooming a positive experience for your pet. The grooming staff at Pleasant Run look forward to achieving the best look possible for your pet. We are proud of our groomer and confident you will be pleased.


Please call for Grooming Prices and Appointments for Dogs  (941) 575-4022


Bath and Nails Includes: Pads, Sanitary Clip, Ears, Nails, Anal Glands, Trim Feet, Bath and Blow Dry.


Full Groom Includes: Pads Sanitary Clip, Ear, Nails Anal Glands Groom Body, Trim Feet, Face Tail Bath and Blow Dry.


Poodle Grooming and Pricing Available  Call  for information or appointment (941) 575-4022

Poodle Grooming Includes: Shaving Face, Feet, Tail, Sanitary Clip, Body, Legs Ears, Anal Glands, Bath Blow Dry and Scissor Top Knot, Tail and Feet.


Nails Only $15.00 Clipped AND Filed 


Cats are always Welcome 

Dog in Bathtub Pleasant Run offers grooming for your dog
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