Fall Winter 2022 CLASSES

New Basic Classes

Beginning and ongoing

Please call for starting date 941-575-4022


Each new class will begin approximately 9 weeks from starting date of the current class. All classes are 8 week courses with the exception of our Advanced classes which are drop in classes and are ongoing. Please call for additional information or confirm class times and to book your spot. 941-575-4022














Basic Obedience Class Level 2 - 11:00  am Monday. Build on skills learned in level 1. Introduction to advanced obedience concepts. Prerequisite Level 1 Basic Obedience.




Advanced Obedience "Ring Ready and RALLY" ! Thursday 11:00am

Designed to fine tune all commands and prepare for Competition and so much fun! All participants must be Advanced Level approved by Instructor Carol Tollini Basic Class Fee Call 239-204-7675 for pricing 8 weeks of classes 



Puppy Kindergarten on Tuesdays with multiple times available.   This is the most important time in a dog's life to learn. This class helps your new family member understand where in the "pecking order" he /she belongs. The class teaches your pet social skills with other people and other dogs. It develops a bond between you and your pet. Class prepares them for visits to the V et and places outside the home. It is a foundation to more advanced classes. Pets will learn commands "Sit", "Down", "Coming" when called, "Stays", Not jumping on people, "Attention", "Heel Position", Controlled walking. By the end of this class your puppy should be ready for the AKC STAR Puppy certification should you decide you would like that.  Basic Class Fee Call 239-204-7675 for pricing of Kindergarten Class Fee- Discount for rescue dogs.  Taught by Coleen Hann


AKC Star Puppy evaluation fee $15.00

AKC CGC evaluation $25.00


PRIVATE CLASSES AVAILABLE  per hour. Taught by Coleen Hann Basic Class Call 239-204-7675 for pricing.

Basic Obedience Class Level 1 is on Wednesdays with multiple class times available.   Sit, Down, Stay, Heel and Come, are just a few of the commands taught in Basic Class.

Class also teaches your dog to pay attention to you and to understand who is in Charge.

This class teaches your pet good manners, and how to be a Good Canine Citizen but also is preparation for Advanced Obedience class. By the end of this class your dog should be ready for the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification if you decide you would like it.  Basic Class Fee Call 239-204-7675 for pricing. discount for rescue dogs and Puppy Kindergarten Graduates Taught by Coleen Hann